Affordable, Transparent, Fixed Pricing and Personalized Attention and Service

Choose the Right Plan for You:

Knockout Application

$ 275
  • Knockout trademark search** on the USPTO TESS Database
  • Professionally filed application (for “in use” or “intent to use” applications) with the USPTO by an experienced and licensed attorney
  • Careful monitoring of your application throughout the registration process
  • Consult with your attorney via phone or video conference
  • Price does not include filing fee*

Full Search and Application

$ 600
  • Knockout trademark search** on the USPTO TESS Database
  • Comprehensive trademark search on supplemental databases and non-registered uses
  • Written opinion letter detailing any potential issues with registration
  • Professionally filed application (for “in use” or “intent to use” applications) with the USPTO by an experienced and licensed attorney
  • Careful monitoring of your application throughout the registration process
  • Price does not include filing fee*
  • Fees waived for a second application if a “recommended” application is refused***

Non-Substantive Office Action

$ 350
  • Respond to Non-Substantive Office Action
  • Includes translating words, adding disclaimers, correcting specimen submissions, signature, etc…
  • Plus any applicable filing fees

Substantive Office Action

$ 800
  • Respond to substantive Office Action
  • Plus any applicable filing fees
  • Includes likelihood of confusion****, merely descriptive, primarily geographic or surname, etc…

Represent Foreign Applicants

  • Knockout Application for Foreign Applicant ($500.00)
  • Full Search and Application for Foreign Applicant ($850.00)

Renewal and Maintenance

  • 5-6 Year Renewal ($250.00)
  • 9-10 Year Renewal ($350.00)
  • File for a Renewal During the Grace Period After Renewal Period has Expired (+$200.00)
  • File Statement of Use for Intent to Use Application ($250.00)
  • File for Extension of an Intent to Use Application ($250.00)
  • File for Incontestability ($200.00 plus $200.00 filing fee per class)
  • Monitor your registered trademark for similar marks for opposition ($200.00 per year)

Other services available on an hourly or flat fee basis upon agreement between you and Wolfe Legal Services.

Does Wolfe Legal Services Litigate Trademark Infringement or Represent Me in Opposition Proceedings?

No. This firm focuses on guiding clients through the process of applying for and maintaining their trademarks with the USPTO. I do one thing and do it well, so I can keep my prices transparent and affordable. For those reasons, Wolfe Legal Services does not practice litigation and will not institute or represent you in response to Opposition Proceedings from third parties.

All filing fees, even those not specifically mentioned above, are the responsibility of the client and are paid for prior to services rendered by Wolfe Legal Services. All filing fees refunded in full if no application is filed.


* “IN USE” filing fee consists of the government discounted TEAS Standard electronic filing fee of $350. If the stricter "TEAS Plus" system can be used for your application, Wolfe Legal Services will use this system. The TEAS Plus system streamlines the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) review process and has a lower filing fee of $250, but requires additional labor to process. If we are able to use the TEAS Plus system for your application, you will still be charged $350, of which $250 will be allocated to the USPTO fee and $100 to a processing fee. The USPTO may later charge a $100 fee should you choose not to communicate with them electronically or otherwise meet the requirements of the discounted TEAS Standard or TEAS Plus filing fees, and the $100 processing fee will not be refunded to you or applied to such fees in the event that the USPTO charges you this fee later. INTENT TO USE APPLICATIONS REQUIRE A $450 FILING FEE.

** A “knockout search” consists of a full review of the USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) for identical and very similar marks registered or in the application phase in the same classification of goods and/or services. A simple knockout search does not search for other common law/unregistered and possibly conflicting uses or potential international conflicts.

*** An application is deemed “refused” for these purposes once it receives a final refusal. Fees waived for a knockout search and application for second application. Only Wolfe Legal Service’s fees are waived. Client is responsible for paying filing fees for the second application, prior to Wolfe Legal Services applying for the second application. Mark is deemed “recommended” if Wolfe Legal Services states in writing that Wolfe Legal Services believes that there is a substantially significant chance that the trademark will register on the Principal Register after a comprehensive search.

**** For Likelihood of Confusion responses, the fee shall be $800 for a rejection based on likelihood of confusion with one (1) mark. For each additional mark that forms the basis the Office Action refusal for likelihood of confusion, an additional $400 fee per additional mark shall be charged.