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Affordable, Transparent, Fixed Prices and Personalized Attention and Service

Don’t Leave Your Business Identity Vulnerable

If you haven’t had an attorney, experienced in trademark matters, review your business name or logo, or you don’t have your business name or logo registered as a trademark, you could be vulnerable to infringement allegations, injunctions, counterfeiters, or other problems down the road. You also may not be taking advantage of all the rights you have in your business identity, reputation and goodwill.


You Need Personalized Legal Guidance

You Need an Attorney Who Cares About Protecting Your Brand

Searches – Opinions – Registration – Office Actions – Guidance

Affordable, Flat Fee Trademark Services from a Licensed Attorney

If you want straightforward, professional, and experienced advice and guidance protecting your brand, and you only want to pay for that instead of big law firm extras, hire Wolfe Legal Services to get you through the process and protect your rights in your business reputation.

Step 1

Get Your Free Consultation with an Attorney

Step 2

Pay a Clear Flat Fee for Professional Trademark Services Customized to Your Needs

Step 3

Have a Licensed Attorney Execute a Custom Plan for Your Business

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Attorney Steven Wolfe

Steven Wolfe has been practicing business and trademark law, in law firms and as in-house counsel, for 5 years. He’s been an entrepreneur for even longer, and that’s why he focuses on efficient, transparent services for budget-conscious clients. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Tennessee (but he can represent you from anywhere in the world) and at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is eager to help you protect your business!